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In Bildeston, Suffolk, Thomas Mae Land & Planning showcased their industry insight and expertise by managing the sale of a site with planning consent for 48 units. Recognizing the potential for even more units on the site, they proceeded with an unconditional sale to Orbit Housing, which aimed to expand their affordable housing offerings. This location adjacent to a previously developed Orbit Housing site made it an ideal match, underlining Thomas Mae’s strategic approach to aligning properties with suitable buyers for optimal results.


Located in Bildeston, Suffolk, the site initially had planning consent for 48 units. Entrusted with selling this site on behalf of the vendor, Thomas Mae identified the site’s potential for further development.


  1. Maximize Site Potential: Identify opportunities to enhance the site’s development potential beyond 48 units.
  2. Align with Suitable Buyer: Strategically match the site with a buyer who would complement and expand on the site’s intended purpose.


Approach and Strategy:

Using their seasoned expertise, Thomas Mae Land & Planning recognised the potential for the site to accommodate more units than initially planned. They leveraged this insight to attract buyers who would see this potential and act upon it.

Identification and Sale:

Orbit Housing, who had previously developed an adjacent site, emerged as an ideal buyer. Understanding Orbit Housing’s intention to provide a range of affordable housing, Thomas Mae facilitated an unconditional sale, ensuring a seamless transaction and immediate progress on the development.


The site in Bildeston was successfully sold to Orbit Housing, who are now set to deliver an expanded range of affordable housing units, taking full advantage of the site’s potential. This sale reinforces Thomas Mae’s proficiency in recognizing property potential and aligning sites with buyers that can realise this potential to the fullest.


The Bildeston site transaction exemplifies Thomas Mae Land & Planning’s capabilities in strategically managing sales that benefit both vendors and buyers. By identifying the potential for more units and aligning the site with a buyer like Orbit Housing, Thomas Mae ensured that the property would be developed to its maximum capacity, contributing significantly to the affordable housing sector.

Lessons & Recommendations:

Recognising the untapped potential of sites is key to optimizing property transactions. Thomas Mae’s ability to do this and align sites with suitable buyers ensures maximum value for vendors and the best land use. Their recommendation for similar future endeavours is to maintain a keen eye for property potential, understand buyer profiles and needs, and facilitate strategic sales that benefit all parties involved.

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