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Thomas Mae Land & Planning, renowned for their versatility in handling property transactions across sectors, successfully represented a church in disposing of a building in Bristol. Initially intended for redevelopment into residential units due to its non-historic nature, the site piqued the interest of two religious groups seeking a base in the region. A buyer was identified through a competitive sale process, emphasising Thomas Mae’s adaptability in the property sector.


The building, owned by a church in Bristol, was not historically significant, leading to initial plans focusing on its potential residential redevelopment. However, the building attracted the attention of two other religious entities, prompting a shift in the sales strategy.


  1. Strategise Sale Process: Determine an efficient and competitive sale process considering the unexpected interest from other religious groups.
  2. Identify Suitable Buyer: Through the competitive process, identify the most suitable buyer and ensure smooth completion of the sale.


Approach and Strategy:

Thomas Mae, utilising their expertise, swiftly shifted focus from residential redevelopment to a competitive sale process, aiming to identify a buyer among the interested religious entities.

Identification and Completion:

A suitable buyer was identified through meticulous management of the competitive sale process, leading to the successful completion of the sale, showcasing Thomas Mae’s flexibility and proficiency in managing diverse property transactions.


The efficient handling and adaptability of Thomas Mae resulted in the successful sale of the church building to one of the interested religious groups, proving their capability to operate seamlessly across different sectors.


This transaction showcases Thomas Mae’s versatile proficiency in the property sector, capable of managing and adapting to the unique demands of diverse property types and buyer interests, ensuring optimal outcomes for all parties involved.

Lessons & Recommendations:

The ability to swiftly adapt strategies in response to changing interests and demands is crucial for successful transactions in any sector. Thomas Mae’s experience in varied sectors underscores the importance of flexibility and strategic adaptability in achieving successful property transactions, regardless of the initial plans or unexpected developments in the sale process. For future transactions of a similar nature, maintaining a responsive and adaptable strategy is recommended to cater to the evolving landscape and varied interests in the property market.

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