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Thomas Mae Land successfully executed the sale of a strategically located development site in Swindon, which had the benefit of planning consent for a modern residential housing scheme, including the conversion of an existing building. Thomas Mae Land initially identified the site’s potential, noting the absence of commenced construction despite acquired planning consent, secured the role to represent the seller, and eventually facilitated the sale to APS Developments.


The site, located in Stratton, Swindon, had obtained planning consent to be developed into a contemporary residential housing scheme. It included provisions for the conversion of an existing building on the site. Despite the granted consent, there were no signs of construction activities, prompting Thomas Mae Land to explore the potential of the site and represent the interests of the seller.


  1. Securing Representation: Thomas Mae’s primary objective was to secure an instruction to act on behalf of the seller, allowing them to facilitate the sale of the site effectively.
  2. Identifying Suitable Buyers: It was crucial to identify companies or developers with interests and immediate requirements aligned with the potential offerings of the site.
  3. Ensuring Smooth Transaction: The goal was to ensure a smooth, efficient, and satisfactory transaction process for both the seller and the buyer.


Approach and Strategy:

Thomas Mae initiated a comprehensive approach to understand the site’s potential, the seller’s motivations and requirements, and the plausible interests from the buyer’s market. They quickly employed their vast network and resources to identify potential buyers whose needs were compatible with the site’s potential.

Identification and Negotiation:

APS Developments was identified as a suitable buyer, possessing interests and requirements that resonated with the site’s potential. Both parties entered negotiations to finalize the terms, with Thomas Mae serving as the mediator and facilitator, ensuring a mutual agreement.

Transaction Completion:

Post-negotiation, Thomas Mae worked closely with APS Developments and the seller to navigate through the transaction processes, addressing concerns and resolving any arising issues swiftly to ensure the deal’s completion in a timely and satisfactory manner.


The proactive and strategic efforts by Thomas Mae Land resulted in the successful sale of the Swindon site to APS Developments. The transaction was seamless and satisfactory to both parties, highlighting Thomas Mae’s ability to identify opportunities, represent sellers effectively, and facilitate smooth transactions between the involved entities.


This case study exemplifies Thomas Mae Land’s ability to identify undeveloped potential sites, secure representation, and mediate the sale to suitable buyers efficiently. Their strategic approach, deep industry insights, and commitment to client satisfaction were evident in the seamless transaction between the seller and APS Developments, reinforcing their reputation as a premier land and property brokerage.

Lessons Learned:

  1. Proactive Identification: Early identification of sites with potential and securing representation is key to successful transactions.
  2. Effective Mediation: Serving as an effective mediator between buyer and seller is crucial to addressing concerns and ensuring smooth transactions.
  3. Strategic Negotiation: A well-planned negotiation strategy ensures mutual agreement on terms and satisfaction of all parties involved.


For future transactions, early identification of potential sites, securing representation promptly, and effectively mediating between sellers and buyers will continue to be crucial. A well-balanced approach focusing on client satisfaction, swift resolutions, and strategic negotiations will be beneficial in ensuring successful outcomes. Continuous expansion and nurturing of industry networks will also enhance the ability of Thomas Mae Land to identify potential buyers and facilitate smooth transactions effectively.

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