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Thomas Mae Land & Planning, operating on behalf of retained investment clients, recently facilitated the acquisition of a strategic off-market land parcel in Swindon. This land, currently hosting light industrial units and storage spaces, is located adjacent to existing residential areas and is conveniently close to local amenities. The acquisition was secured unconditionally for a Midlands based investment company, with the prospect of developing over 160 new homes alongside a variety of mixed-use facilities.


The acquired land in Swindon, primarily comprised of light industrial units and storage areas, possessed significant potential due to its proximity to residential zones and local amenities. Thomas Mae Land & Planning played a crucial role in engaging with the Freeholders to facilitate this off-market acquisition, despite the land having a mixed planning history.


  1. Securing Off-Market Purchase: The primary objective was to secure the acquisition of the land in an off-market transaction on an unconditional basis for the investment company.
  2. Engaging with Stakeholders: The role involved engaging effectively with Freeholders and local authorities to pave the way for future development plans.
  3. Facilitating Planning Applications: Assisting the purchaser in working towards a detailed planning application for a mixed-use development, including private and affordable residential housing and co-working facilities.


Approach and Strategy:

Thomas Mae Land & Planning initiated a meticulous approach to engage with the Freeholders on behalf of the investment company, aiming to facilitate the acquisition seamlessly and unconditionally. They navigated the complexities due to the mixed planning history of the site and established a conducive environment for acquisition.

Negotiation and Acquisition:

Thomas Mae Land & Planning strategically negotiated with the concerned parties to secure the off-market purchase, addressing the challenges and ensuring favourable conditions for the investment company.

Post-Acquisition Developments:

Post-acquisition, the purchaser commenced engagements with Swindon Borough Council, working towards securing detailed planning consent for developing the site into a mixed-use development, including private residential, affordable housing, and co-working facilities.


The strategic and effective facilitation by Thomas Mae Land & Planning resulted in the successful off-market acquisition of the land in Swindon. The purchaser is now actively engaged with the local authorities, aiming to transform the site into a comprehensive mixed-use development, potentially delivering over 160 new homes and enhancing the local community’s amenities.


This case study exemplifies the expertise and strategic approach of Thomas Mae Land & Planning in facilitating off-market land acquisitions, especially those with complex planning histories. Their engagement with Freeholders and strategic negotiations played a pivotal role in securing the land unconditionally for the investment company, highlighting their capability to manage and execute complex land transactions effectively.

Lessons Learned:

  1. Strategic Engagement: Effective engagement with Freeholders is crucial in facilitating off-market acquisitions, especially in lands with mixed planning histories.
  2. Navigating Complexities: Managing the complexities of lands with diverse existing utilities and mixed planning histories is essential for successful acquisitions.
  3. Post-Acquisition Planning: Assisting purchasers in post-acquisition planning processes can expedite the development and transformation of acquired lands.


For succeeding in similar future endeavours, a strategic and meticulous approach to stakeholder engagement and negotiation is crucial. Navigating through the complexities of mixed planning histories and existing land utilities with precision can significantly impact the acquisition’s success. Additionally, continuous support in post-acquisition processes, such as planning applications, can significantly enhance the prospects of transforming acquired lands into successful developments, thus contributing to community development and housing solutions.

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