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Bringing our brand to life

I’m very much of the opinion that a strong visual identity is critical to a company’s success. A great brand not only sets you apart from your competitors, it embodies your values and gives potential clients a sense of the service they can expect from you.

I appointed Workbrands as the creative agency for this project because I’d seen their award-winning work in the property sector, and I knew that they could capture what we at Thomas Mae are all about and how we want to be perceived.

Defining ‘what we are all about’ was the first stage of the process and it was actually more challenging than I had anticipated. Every company owner wants to present their firm as being ‘professional’, ‘trustworthy’, ‘proficient’ or any number of other flattering adjectives, but creating a successful brand is all about refining those qualities.
Similarly, creating a brand is not just about how we look, it’s about how we say things. So we commissioned a Tone-of-Voice document to consider the words we use, together with the form, structure, rhythm and balance of how we put them together.
Ultimately, the values that inform how our brand looks and sounds were identified as:


I believe that these four values perfectly capture the Thomas Mae ethos. And defining these enabled us to then roll-out the rest of the brand surprisingly easily. The four values aligned with our four key services and it was a natural progression to reflect these with the four colours and the sides of the square in the logo.

And while that sums up the design rationale from a purely analytical standpoint, when I look at what we’ve created as a whole I’m happy to say that my heart agrees. Those four extended strokes that come together to form a focal point, coupled with the solid – yet modern and forward-looking – font, create a brand that we at Thomas Mae can believe in. And I hope our customers will feel that way too.

Kevin Ellis

PS: Why did I choose the name? Thomas is my son’s first name and Mae is my daughter’s middle name. Sometimes, these things don’t need much thought.

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Author: Kevin Ellis

Our company was established in 2014 by Kevin, who previously ran a highly-successful development department for an award-winning property services business. Today, he has grown Thomas Mae into a thriving business, staffed by a trusted team of property consultants who are adept at sharing their knowledge and skills. Kevin’s mission is to foster strategic land investment, to deliver solid, profitable results across the whole of the UK, and to work effectively with both private landowners as well as commercial and institutional landowners.

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