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How drones are elevating land appraisals

How Drones Are Elevating Land Appraisal and Marketing Beyond Traditional PropTech Solutions

In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, industries and businesses are in a continuous quest to bolster their operations, enhance efficiency, and improve the customer experience. A prime illustration of this evolution is the integration of drones in the property and land development sectors. At Thomas Mae Land, we’ve witnessed drones transforming how we appraise and market land. Here, we’ll delve into why drones have become a mainstay in our marketing toolkit, distinguishing themselves even amidst popular PropTech solutions.

Land Appraisal: Beyond Digital Mapping

While tools like Google Maps and other PropTech solutions provide invaluable insights and digital mapping capabilities, they can sometimes be out-of-date or lack the detailed nuances of a site. This is where drones come in.

With drone technology, appraisers can:

  1. Capture Real-Time Data: Unlike digital maps, which might be updated periodically, drone footage offers the most recent view of a property, ensuring the information is as current as possible.
  2. Assess the Total Area: From a bird’s eye perspective, every nook and cranny of the property is visible and measurable.
  3. Identify Potential Issues: Whether it’s challenging terrain, water bodies, or other environmental constraints; drones can pinpoint them all.
  4. Visualise Accessibility: Clear views of access routes and connections to nearby areas are feasible, offering a more rounded understanding of a site’s logistics.

A Fresh Perspective in Marketing

Traditional tools, whilst still invaluable, might not capture the evolving essence and nuances of a property as effectively as a drone. The advantages include:

  1. Engaging Content: Aerial drone footage brings out the majesty of a property in ways static maps or images can’t, creating a more immersive experience for potential clients.
  2. Transparent Information: The real-time imagery ensures that potential investors receive the most accurate representation of the property’s current state.
  3. Virtual Tours: Drones make it possible to craft captivating virtual tours, bridging the gap between digital interest and physical reality.

Feedback from our clients at Thomas Mae Land has consistently been positive, attributing their satisfactory experience to the enlightening perspective drones offer, often surpassing that of standard digital tools.

Safety and Professionalism at the Forefront

The exciting capabilities of drones come with a responsibility to operate them safely and ethically. At Thomas Mae Land, we’re not only committed to pushing technological boundaries but also to upholding the highest safety standards. We take pride in having fully qualified drone pilots on our team, ensuring every flight adheres to safety and legal requirements.

The Future, Elevated

The role of drones in reshaping the property and land development sectors is undeniable. Whilst PropTech solutions like Google Maps remain essential for many applications, the real-time, detailed, and dynamic nature of drone footage has carved its unique niche.

As we at Thomas Mae Land look ahead, we’re enthused by the endless possibilities drones promise and remain dedicated to leveraging this technology to its fullest, offering unparalleled value to our clients. As land appraisal and marketing methodologies evolve, drones stand out as the beacon of a new, elevated era.

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Author: Tom Large

Tom is responsible for our creative and design department. With extensive experience in brand and marketing, he brings a fresh dimension to our new homes design services.

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