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Stand out from the crowd

Since establishing my business in March 2014, I have carefully considered the way in which I engage with prospective clients, land owners, house builders existing clients, team members, suppliers, strategic partners and general people I come into contact with through my line of work – what really are the true values of my brand and what is the tone of voice we want to convey and how can we make the brand stand out from the crowd .

So, we meet, we exchange polite emails, even the sending of a birthday wish is over a text or an email, but can I ask you a question “when was the last time you wrote a sincere message to a client?” or better still when did you last handwrite a note to one of the many people you engage with everyday? – which could be something as easy as Well Done or just a simple Thank You.

As we continue to develop and evolve our brand both materially and as a team, I’ve been keen to break away from the norm much more and be open to trying different things to make myself, our people and the Thomas Mae brand stand out from the crowd.

So here’s the easiest and simplest thing we’ve now honed to near perfection and a point of differentiator against most businesses – we write them a hand written note, whether its a Thank You, a Well Done, or general “It was nice to meet you” – I said it was simple, however the results and responses from something so easy to do have been overwhelming.

The typical response we get, is “wow, I can’t remember the last time I received a note like that” – well you can be sure they will remember now! – The second is that its broken things down to an incredibly powerful and personal connection. A recent example was being invited to pitch on behalf of one of my Estate Agency clients with a long standing house builder client who I knew was laser focused on doing things differently and creating an exceptional customer experience.

My note was simply to say, we are very much looking forward to seeing you next week and just to say Thank You for allowing us the opportunity to come and pitch. We turned up, we pitched, we presented a strong proposition and we were the last of the other agents to present, when out came the card from the MD’s notebook to which he said “That was a nice touch and we want to deal with people who don’t take things for granted and value good service”

Terms were secured on a project worth over £200,000 in fees for my client, all from something in the tool kit as simple as a hand written note – in reality it didn’t cost anything more than the time to write it and a bit of effort.

Try it with your vendors, clients, staff, suppliers or anyone else who is key to your success you might be surprised by the reaction you get.

My tip is that I created 4 cards each with a different message which have subtle elements of my branding style and are printed to a high quality. It wasn’t expensive and as last week showed, they’ve paid for themselves 100’s of times over and people remember. If you’d like to see what I produced for some inspiration then please drop me a note.

Have a productive week and keep it simple.

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Author: Kevin Ellis

Our company was established in 2014 by Kevin, who previously ran a highly-successful development department for an award-winning property services business. Today, he has grown Thomas Mae into a thriving business, staffed by a trusted team of property consultants who are adept at sharing their knowledge and skills. Kevin’s mission is to foster strategic land investment, to deliver solid, profitable results across the whole of the UK, and to work effectively with both private landowners as well as commercial and institutional landowners.

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