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A brief guide to selling

Selling land doesn’t have to be complicated. However, there are many mistakes that landowners often make when engaging with an estate agent or consultant.

Contrary to what many landowners believe, sending the details of your plot to every local agent, developer or home builder is unlikely to yield positive results. It will certainly give you exposure, but it can also be counterproductive as potential buyers may be cautious about committing time and resources to investigating its potential. Typically, they are seeking reliable, qualified land investment opportunities.

We believe that the initial approach should be selective. We know the best people to work with, based on our experience of operating within a particular local authority or with those who build high quality houses that command strong values. In our extensive experience, this is often the best, most trusted and most profitable tactic.

Don’t forget, our land experts can provide you with a free, thorough, no obligation assessment that will outline all your options and the relative benefits of each.

Planning permission

Ultimately, the value of any piece of land will significantly increase once planning permission has been obtained.

In most of cases that we encounter, landowners are unaware of the costs and outlay required to obtain planning for land development. The investment in architects, planning consultants, ecology surveys and reports, CIL payments, Section 106 obligations through to finance and planning fees can soon add up.

House building

While land development can be lucrative, there are risks involved that the developer will bear the cost of. Many landowners are unaware of these costs and can overvalue their land as a result. When it comes to land disposal, we’ll help you strike the right deal.

As a landowner you are in the driving seat, but you only get one chance to achieve the best terms and profit. Working with Thomas Mae will ensure that your interests are protected.

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Author: Kevin Ellis

Our company was established in 2014 by Kevin, who previously ran a highly-successful development department for an award-winning property services business. Today, he has grown Thomas Mae into a thriving business, staffed by a trusted team of property consultants who are adept at sharing their knowledge and skills. Kevin’s mission is to foster strategic land investment, to deliver solid, profitable results across the whole of the UK, and to work effectively with both private landowners as well as commercial and institutional landowners.

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